Our Programs

In FY19, we reached over 10,000 students and families and supported more than 2,200 college students from low-income backgrounds on over 50 campuses nationwide. We have also expanded our program to include staff embedded in 27 high schools in seven Bay Area counties.

Our Comprehensive Student Success Model

We believe that all students should have the opportunity to earn a college degree and this drives our program model. Our Fellows lead the way.

10,000 Degrees program staff and Fellows at a recent Money Matters workshop for high school students.

Our alumni lead the way.

Our Fellows are recent college graduates from low-income backgrounds, most of whom are alumni of our programs. They come back to serve in two- to three-year Fellowships in leadership roles where they support students and their families.

Fellows receive focused training and hands-on leadership experience while contributing to the success and efficiency of our programs. They have deep content expertise and cultural awareness of the challenges our students face. Their near-peer role modeling helps our students understand, navigate and manage their college pathway.

inspiring students 

Fellows inform and inspire our high school and college students both on campus and in our programs with specific know-how honed by their individual experience and academic success. 

empowering communities 

Fellows help our students and families pursue a clearly defined pathway to a college education. Their community outreach and participation are paving the road to educational equity.

preparing for careers 

Fellows gain hands-on leadership experience and valuable 21st-century professional skills as full-time paid employees working in complex systems where they are both measuring and making an impact.

Community College Success Program

Community college is an excellent pathway to a four-year college. It’s an ideal bridge program for many of our students who will later transfer to a four-year college or university.

Community college offers broader access, affordability, and flexibility for students with competing work responsibilities. It also provides a chance to improve transcripts before transferring.

10,000 Degrees is the only organization with programming specifically designed to support community college students who begin their journey to a bachelor’s degree at community college.

Through near-peer coaching, we help students navigate life both on and off campus including student services, financial aid, faculty relationships, employment, housing and the transfer process. Our results speak for themselves.

Four-Year College Success Program

Our programming supports students all the way to and through college to earn a bachelor’s degree and graduate career-ready. Embedded on high school, community college and four-year college campuses, our staff are there to empower and connect students through each step of the college journey. 

Our model provides wrap-around support including near-peer coaching, college and financial aid counseling, college matching, scholarships, financial aid management, paid summer internships, and so much more. Only 13% of students from low-income backgrounds earn a bachelor’s degree by their mid-twenties.

The best proof-points for success are our graduation rates of over 80% and the stories of students who go on to become leaders and changemakers. Their influence ripples through families, communities and over generations.

Empowering Communities

Bob Rosenberg, 10,000 Degrees Academic Support Volunteer

Early College Awareness 

We provide targeted programming beginning in middle school to help students prepare for and navigate the transition to high school. For example, at Bayside Martin Luther King Jr. Academy in Marin City, students participate in workshops, connect with community leaders and practice self-advocacy skills.

In Novato Unified School District, 10,000 Degrees Fellows work with newcomer students or those designated English Language Learners to help them connect to the campus community, navigate high school and learn about options after high school. Activities have included a multilingual career fair, business and college tours, and volunteering in local elementary schools.

Academic Support 

The Academic Support Program in Marin is powered by a dedicated team of over 250 volunteer tutors who serve 5,000 students annually providing more than 14,000 hours of tutoring in local schools that need our support the most. 

Our work is having an extraordinary impact. 91% of teachers surveyed said that our Academic Support tutors improved their students’ academic performance. This emphasis is key to helping students pursue their dreams of higher education.

Career Connections Program

10,000 Degrees prepares students for success in college and beyond.  Our corporate partnership program provides fully paid summer internships for rising college juniors, seniors and graduates. We also assist our college students with resumé development, interview techniques, LinkedIn profile development, networking skills and more.

Learn more about our internship program:

Gwen Snider
Career Development Manager